Monthly Archives: September, 2012

School of Professional Education

The national and international awareness on the ambient problems comes being argued the world-wide level, through debates, seminaries, congresses, symposiums among others, involving the diverse areas of the knowledge, as well as all the education levels. In the State School of Professional Education Professor Moreira de Sousa in Juazeiro of the Norte/CE, where articulated average […]

MEC Ministry

But nothing that has not been established previously, in the Conference of Ambient Education (Tbilisi, 1977) and in the World-wide Conference on Education for All: Satisfaction of the Basic Necessities of Learning (Jomtien, Thailand, 1990). The State comes to contribute with the Ideology of the Sustainable Development with its recommendations concerning Agenda 21 and to […]

Educational Orientation

The implantation of the Law n 5,564, 21/12/68, establishes that the Educational Orientation must attend educating in its individual or group conviviality, aiming at to the integral and harmonious development of its personality as elements influenciadores in the exercises of its basic functions. As Nrici (1976) the Educational Orientation by means of the Law n. […]