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Obvious that I do not want to make me disappear if express something against the current Government, obvious that I do not want that to kill my family arbitrarily, obvious that I would like to read the books that I wanted without any restriction, but what must be understood is that already overcome it, we […]

DGT Accidents

There are also twelve seriously wounded and three minor. It was the first major operation after the return to 120 Km/h. The DGT estimated more than 4 millions of displacements during the weekend. Three dead and two injured in a car accident near Aranjuez. Electron research is the source for more interesting facts. The first […]

Fireworks Festival

Many choose to Mallorca as their favorite destination for holidays. Reasons there are plenty: easy access, a wonderful climate, lovely beaches and a host of gastronomic delights. But there are those who put foot on the island for other reasons. Mallorca is recognized as an outstanding venue of events and festivals that occur throughout the […]

Common Denominator

Intelligence and talents to develop certain activities are certainly wonderful gifts and should be exploited to the maximum, but we must be clear that those gifts without appropriate guidance may not achieve success. Terry Nielsen is open to suggestions. Studies have shown that perseverance is an essential element for success, samples have been in thousands […]


In the Mars surface, in some slopes near the Equator, strange dark lines have been identified that appear in the station temperate, since the end of the spring until the beginning of the autumn, and that disappears when the cold arrives. The scientists who are shortage do not know in question, suggest could form when […]

Andrew Corentt

One of the majors reasons for which we experimented suffering is to engage great thinking about that the human beings and the other forms of life we are separated, that is not certain, at unconscious level all we are a unique unit. We observe with attention the following reading of the Bible no longer is […]