Craving Freedom

Lust for freedom have ever you ever wondered why you like both escape holiday? What you are looking for find elsewhere that you don’t find in your own home? Perhaps what you’re looking for is in front of us, or rather, within us. Looking for a destination for our holiday and freedom of expression, religious belief, information, freedom to say, publish, create, freedom, academic, economic, free time it seems that everyone has the possibility to create your own type of freedom in the 21st century. However there is absolute and unconditional freedom? Not from something, but a simple, unlimited freedom, total? For the most part, freedom means to escape everyday problems and the job responsibilities. Forget the concerns, pressures, the Chief and our accounts in red numbers. We are looking for a small leak of life to be able to catch your breath.

We work hard throughout the year and save, to have finally a few moments of mercy on a sandy beach. And as We know, while on vacation, things do not always go as you would like, either by the hotel or flight, children who just decide that it is the perfect time to get sick. For one reason or another, most of the holidays do not end up being expected sleep. Even if we are lucky and these are perfect to us, every moment that passes it reminds us that they will run out soon and we will have to reconnect with real life. Then are we really more free escape from the daily routine?, what if there is a different way of living for not wanting to escape in search of freedom? There are endless and perfect vacation? In fact there are. But in order to find this place, we must stop looking within the framework of this world. The freedom is beyond this world in our world, people are everything except free.

Catalan Generalitat

AGENCIES survey was conducted by the center of Opinion studies of the Generalitat. The probe data in 29.5% the number of undecided voters. The PSC would become the third force, from the 28 current seats to 15. Another study, of the CIS, does not give an absolute majority to CiU and keeps the PSC as a second force. CiU would get an absolute majority in the Catalan elections on November 25 with a 43.4% of votes, and there is a 29.5% undecided, according to the Centro de Estudios de Opinion (CEO) of the Catalan Generalitat, who has presented his barometer press conference this Thursday, hours before the start of the election campaign. The CEO poll estimated that CiU would get absolute majority, with between 69 and 71 seats, against 62 now; PPC snatch the PSC the paper’s second largest political in Catalonia, to get 18 or 19 members, so it would be equal or win a parliamentarian; While the Catalan Socialists would become the third force, passing the 28 current representatives at 15, the worst result in its history in an election Catalan, losing almost half of its current members. ERC would get 14 seats, four more than now; ICV-EUiA would be maintained with 10 parliamentarians; C s doubling its representation, since it would increase from three to six seats, and would form own group; Solidaritat (SI) would be outside the Parliament, while the CUP could enter the camera, placed in a fork between 0 and 3 deputies. In any case, the poll points out the sum among the undecided (29.5%) and those who have not wanted to answer what policy option would vote (10.8%) exceeds 40%, once this percentage already shoot up to 45% in the latest survey of CEO, last October. This survey, carried out from 2,500 interviews between 22 and 30 October, was prepared after the regional elections in the Basque country and Galicia, and in a pre-election time in Catalonia, marked by the sovereign debate.