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The Majority

Instead, you have to get out and start dating other people. If you have other men in your life, it becomes much easier to get more. It is the same with a lot of things, money, work, love. The more you have, more is received. Work on your relationship what is working in your relationship? […]

Major Symbols

True tarot is symbolism, not speak another language or provides other signs. The sentence of Arthur Edward White, creator of the famous Rider tarot, gives us a clue about the importance of understanding the symbols that appear in each of the tarot cards. Each image that illustrates Tarot cards contains a multitude of small details. […]

The Majority

We lose the confidence. Trust is a basic principle of nature that supports the survival and development of the species. We found it in the newborn birds who expect food from their parents. The same happens with newborn children, who have an inherently unconscious confidence: expect that their mothers deal with the basic needs of […]

America Relations Brazil USA

The greats of America: Brazil-U.S. relations.UU. By: Alpha Citlalli Gutierrez Hernandez and Cassandra Gutierrez Martinez. Big changes in public policies in Brazil have been reflected in its rapid and important inclusion in the international framework, mainly highlighting their economic presence to the length and breadth of the world. In this context, the relations of this […]

Carbon Monoxide Leak

The causes of the leak are unknown. A 14-year-old girl had to be moved to the Hospital are Llatzer, although already recovered. Two weeks ago died a woman from respiratory failure. The evicted guests are being relocated to other hotels. About 500 people have had to be evicted and a 14 year old girl has […]


Resistance test tells what medications is resistant to the virus. Not all viruses respond the same way to all medications, by what this test will allow the medical provider, knowing which are the correct medication for each case. Unlike CD4 and viral load counts, resistance tests not sorted on a regular basis, they are only […]

Bankruptcy Act Debts

The first step we must take is to determine in writing which are our expenses of the month: light, water, community, power, finance, insurance expenses, transport, repairs, etc. It is important that the family group will assume its responsibility and that all support measures taken in a concerted manner. The idea is that all contribute […]