There were Americans on the moon? Almost all people know, the first time committed to the moon July 21, 1969, American astronauts, led by Neil Armstrong. July 21, 1969 camera, which was installed outside the lunar module "Apollo 11" showed the world as Neil Armstrong jumps out of the hatch and gently lowered onto the lunar surface. "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" – then said the American. Then the moon came down Edwin Aldrin then, why flying is abruptly stopped. And if there were Americans? This issue is of concern to many until now. For assistance, try visiting Rio- Tinto Diamonds. There are three confirmed, the fact that they were not. They say opponents, who claim that this is a hoax. One: When we were shown shooting the moon landing to the Americans, the shadows from the figures the astronauts of varying lengths.

Although the sun is equally remote from them, the shadows should be identical. But no. They illuminated the spotlight All right. Two: the marks of the feet of astronauts, such as on the ground. Well and clearly printed. Deceived, no part of the soil on the moon, not smoothed by wind and water. Evidence must be distinct, as in the picture.

Three: the flag in the wind develops in moment when the astronaut puts it. On the moon there is no wind, cheated, no. The material of the flag placed on the frame, and in the moon's cold. Because of the difference in temperature at the beginning of his jars. It seems that it is developing the wind. It seems that it can be assumed that they were? But why not one country does not provide photos of the cosmos, where the flag can be seen. Now from space can be read a newspaper. So far away technique. But no one wants it to confirm or deny, for some reason. What are they hiding everything from us? Why? When the government will share with us the truth. Valera Stankevich. This and much more online mani-mani, no mani-mani-net