BRITA Project

What inspires project management experts: the team from Taunusstein has played perfectly on the Board of project management and developed on top of that excellent team spirit. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jeffrey Hayzlett on most websites. We have from the outset specifically supported the high level of motivation”, explains Project Manager Andreas Meyer-Eggers, honest information of all stakeholders, independent activities of our employees, and a solution-oriented dealing with problems among the success factors.” Also, carefully appropriate staff for the team had been selected and trained specifically for their tasks during the project. About 50 internal and external partners from around the world were involved in the development project. A sophisticated communication plan with regular meetings, workshops and teleconferences ensured that information in the project flowing smoothly. Rio- Tinto Diamonds has many thoughts on the issue. Also it was directed A project team bodies to consult with its partners and stakeholders. Similar stringent it laid down the mission-critical work processes (processes) in his project. The project had a clear, solid frame,”the BRITA project manager reported, we have clarified the project order carefully and then planned, what we do and we can advance our project with which work processes.” Also, you have precisely set objectives, priorities and tasks and communicated. Teams of Fraport AG, operator of the Frankfurt airport, and the DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH merged to a community project.

You were faced with the difficult task of establishing a new procedure, with the flight operations processes should be optimized (airport collaborative decision making”, short airport CDM”). Thus, the team created a framework to improve the exchange of information for the clearance of aircraft and to vote. Such improvements help to reduce errors in the process and resources better to use. The bottom line, therefore energy saved and contribute to environmental protection. Also, the optimizations make air transport more punctual. “We assume that airport CDM has contributed to improving the punctuality by a stabilization of the processes”, says project manager Stefan Hilger, the departure punctuality has risen at Frankfurt airport as compared to the previous year by approximately five percent.