Building Office Buildings

Positive certainty: I understand what you say (A: avoids the) (technical terms and explains that none of which cannot avoid) he understands me (A: learns what your customer wants from the finished building) he makes sense (A: feeds objectives, purposes and realizes cuneata of wishes of the customer) me he’s going to save money (A: creates an understanding of how the first movements of the architect saves money) is the first architect that find me very interesting (A(: deploys an approach where are very interested about the customer and their points of view, business, etc) will help me to not make mistakes he’s going to increase the versatility of the spaces he will increase the efficiency of the staff at my Office by the planning phases and workflows correctly a good person will increase the resale value of my future building is reallyalso! He is like a friend this architect is one of the most important in the country I I would be cranky if not contract this type and I make sure that I can get it before that nobody obviously you don’t even have to sell your services! What is the next step? Certainty negative go, this guy is boring (A: uses a formal language and a lot of technical words) and seems a bit out of everything (A: not connecting on a personal level but that uses drawings, statistics, etc as its medium of communication) this type has no idea of what I want from him (A: still does not realize that the customer does not understand him) all the talk is of itself (A(: makes a traditional presetnacion yo – yo speaks only of himself) what is the purpose of all this?(A: continues with more technical details to the customer makes time which has lost track) This kind is intolerable (A: simply goes on and on, because it does not response from customer) By God that is expensive!(A: shows the calculation of the cost of their work without first ensuring that the customer fully understands what they get with this money!) This type is a strange person and I really not liked anything (A: continues in the silence there is no answer.

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