Buzz Marketing

The great social medias have valuable information, with the profile in the Orkut the company can know all the gostos of the customers, who sample today that the Internet is one of the best ways of relationship between customer and companies. The Internet is an irrefutable propensity, and alone it remains the companies if to adaptarem and to learn to play as the new rules (ASSIS, 2006). In the digital age customers turn creators medias, manufacturing CGM (to consumer generated it measured). One of the main CGM of the present time is blogs, capable to knock down to the hells or to erect to skies a company or a mark. However, blogs is tools that, most of the time, not yet are contemplated in the effort of Marketing of the company, but yes they run flabby to the bel flavor of the market, for the good or the evil (ASSIS, 2006, p.63).

3,2 Buzz Marketing For the development of the project is important to know a little of the concepts of Buzz Marketing. To understand why the companies need to take care with the desregulado use of medias. Developing still the meaning of Buzz Marketing, Godin apud Chetochine (2006, p.19), describes as a idea-virus, … a idea-virus is intriguing, irresistible an idea, that ioi in the recreation calls the attention as one the school. It is an idea that we desire to share, an emotion that in the force to share.

Many times the idea-virus appears because of a crisis, of a mission, a problem, a danger, a chance. Optimum example what if can give of a idea-virus is the expression? Buzz Marketing. In accordance with Salzman; Matathia; Reilly (2003), the Buzz Marketing is a cheap tool. The achievement of the conventional plans of Marketing only requires a part of the necessary resources. While a campaign of advertising for the Super Bowl can demand dollar millions, the campaigns you capsize normally only need an investment of few sets of ten of thousand.