Cinderela Sponges

The use of bath sponges is a consolidated habit to assist in the cleanness of the human body. The formats of more used sponges of bath are rectangular or oval, come back toward any profile of user. However, it can be evidenced in the store and supermarkets that the bath sponges can have varied formats, mainly the directed ones for the infantile public. FIG. 1 Formats of more used sponges With the intention of currently raising marks and models of available infantile sponges in the market, beyond referring aspects the prices, had been visited six commercial establishments in the central region of Belo Horizonte: Supermarkets BH (store August Av. de Lima), Supermarket Epa Plus (Av.

Alfonso Penalty), American Store (Shopping City), Carrefour Supermarket Quarter (Street Guajajaras and Shopping City and the Extra Hipermercado (quarter Efignia Saint). In this last one it was 8 Available in: . Had access in 31 of August of 2010. found the biggest number of models of infantile sponges. It was decided then for the Extra Hipermercado for this research.

In visit to the hipermercado one in 31 of August of 2010, it was perceived that the sponges of bath directed toward the infantile public follow the trend called for Schor (2009) of brinquedorizao of the products, as mentioned in previous topic 3.3. One noticed that it has a variation of design of infantile sponges very bigger of what the destined ones for the public in general. 14 models of infantile sponges of three marks had been found, are they: Ponjita (3M) in the models: Princesses of the Disney9 (Bela10, White of Neve11, Cinderela12 and Ariel13), Bob Esponja14, Ratatouille15 and Carros16; 9 Set of princesses main personages of animation films of the Disney studios.