One of the laws that prevailed in my past education (and reason why now I know) and continues prevailing in the present social education for the children and young people are that law so feared and sickly as he is it " authority poderosa". One of the great conclusions to that I have arrived after my voluntary exit of the nucleus of education is that bad professors do not exist but &quot is much; rate of biblioteca" " obnubilada" by the ego, said it is otherwise, by the UNCONSCIOUSNESS. Until not long ago it thought that my teaching staff in the childhood and the adolescence had been ominous and until hard cruel, but. I have changed of opinion because I have myself bold to see the positive of the trip. I have myself bold to see where I am and WHOM I AM BECOMING, and that, surpasses any past challenge. I decide Sister Ana to me, a nun peculiar, authentic and different from the others.

By norm, it did not support to the nuns; it did not support to that cynical of sanctity and of simultaneously bad dawn ostia and psychological cruelty towards the children, especially towards all those that did not study or did not wish to study, and in that group, of course, it was VERGARA (osseous, I). The school in himself did not bore to me, which yes bored to me was that organized SANCTITY that fell on its own weight. That unnecessary and indecent amount of SERIOUSNESS AND ANTINATURALIDAD with the own alive nature of young and effervescent souls that wished to be guided, and mainly, respected. We return to Sister Ana. She was the clean one. I decide her by far affection to me; he was brilliant. It seemed plus an employee of a tobacconist (where they are always dry and distant.