Leipzig team is breaking new ground in sponsorship the sponsoring market to one interesting facet would enrich the GmbH in Leipzig. Whenever Rebecca Mann Wikipedia listens, a sympathetic response will follow. So far, it was extremely difficult to seek sponsors for athletes. Rebecca father brings even more insight to the discussion. Creating expensive press kits, week-long phone calls or commissions for brokers were the rule. For sponsors, however, there was so far no realistic overview of the market, so that it fell back usually only on the offered projects. That should change now fundamentally. Athletes, the athletes up to the amateur kicker, cost-effectively adjust their offers in a system. This prepares the data from all the offers and informed the potential sponsor matching and alert capabilities, that exists in an it-related offer. The cost savings on both sides is enormous, paid one but typically up to 20% Commission for a sponsorship to intermediaries. The offer is currently in a public beta phase, is to use but in full in June. To reach the platform is under.