In the majority of channels there is some cooking show; his protagonists have become media characters and famous every two three are interviewed or incorporated in the news of the magazines or even in the news. The same goes for fashion; the couturiers and their models are up to in the soup is the most usual thing currently. And they have a good hearing these programs? So easy, it becomes a good promotion on television. I admit that all this theme have their space, that there are programmes of entertainment, sport and the football in particular, with its endian footballers, occupy a wide strip of television programming, even accept that there are programs of the heart in which their fellow members are chops a few others, luckily we can choose what we want to see; but it seems shameful that there are just options with a more substantial content and not giving room to other alternatives as they would be on fine arts programs. How much could make television for art! You could teach a good work of art can be enjoyed without buying it, simply by visiting the art galleries and museums; You might meet many good artists who sell their works at reasonable prices, and that, although it may seem pejorative, even some art galleries offer easy installments as if it were an appliance; and as an added value, more materialistic, there is always the possibility that one day this artwork will re-evaluate and be a good investment. But the most important thing is that a good program of television could teach a good work of art is much more than its material value; a good work of art is unique and unrepeatable; through it you can access a more spiritual part of human being; not used once and pulled, like most current consumer products, but that it can be transmitted from parents to children; It does not expire or age, but showing through their harmonies the psychic time and sensitivity of an artist of his time; and most importantly, television could teach art makes us enjoy with intensity as do Cinema, literature or music. It is not my intention, obviously, that all the weight of teaching to love art is on television.

It is clear that since schools could be a great work, fostering an attractive way the subject of art. The child, from his earliest childhood draws with far greater enthusiasm than when he is an adult, as if it were an innate need; When it comes to adult leaves do so, probably because it sees to its around which the vast majority of adults do not draw and that on television, which he sees in excess, little lavished this art. They will say I am a dreamer, my reality is not the reality of everyone, who love art and wish to all amen, I may be true, but I can assure that all would emotionally and cultural benefit, if this great media Communicator that is television put up any of these suggestions. It would be very interesting to know some opinions from readers.

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