Constructive Education

However its words are limpid and of so great objetividade that it makes with that the said one is exactly air-tight with principle, way and end, an absolute truth, without any possibility of something if to add to it. Let us search in history, the history of all the times old, current contemporary and, the figures that if had transformed into true icons, defying the time, moving paradigms, concepts, and until the proper world when modifying the effective values not only by means of its you preach, but basically through its action, in short, of its example. These luminares, in all the fields of the philosophical human knowledge since the religious one, passing for sciences in all its specialties, for sociology and, with it, the human behavior in its day-by-day, had influenced in them in such way that the world where we live today surely would not be the same without its important legacies. More than legacies, them they had offered substantives contributions to the development of the humanity, especially in what it refers to the moral with its only examples if to detach of the common place. The modern man in its daily drudgery, in its fight for the life for the survival, inserted that he is in highly competitive a globalizada society, tends to esquivar of its responsibility before this same society being olvidando this important aspect: the example; when also it does not make it ahead of its narrower circle of familiar relationship and its friendships, unhappyly.

Notice printed with prominence in the reporters in give account to them of this reality. Adjectives related with ‘ ‘ esperteza’ ‘ , with famous ‘ ‘ law of Gerson’ ‘ (personage that personally nothing it deserves of this label) contrary, therefore, with the morality broad sense is appreciated by the society and the individuals that thus they practise start to cultivate popularity when they are not white even of one ‘ ‘ pitada’ ‘ of envy. They are changedded into ‘ ‘ successful people ‘ ‘ , in victorious entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs e, lamentably for Brazil, in politicians applauded for a population that enaltece in face of an absolute inversion of ethical and moral values! Sadly the picture is this that if can currently delimit It fits to each one of us, being exactly imperious, that quickly let us reformulate our concepts, that come back the eyes toward the values of root that in them had been legacies, that let us strengthen in them to modify this undesirable ‘ ‘ status quo’ ‘ , seno for we ourselves, surely for all those that will go succeeding in them. It is the moment to give the example, in the domestic environment, next to our friends, in the work, the streets, at last, of carrying in them as worthy citizens and men of good with responsibilities not limited only to the gift and the material, but with the perennial values that are sobrelevam and crossed the time, all the times! More than what never, it urges that immediately let us place in them in action! *Loureno Nistic Sanches – Adviser Marketing, Researcher, Cronista and Ensasta.

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