December Customs

Confusion with dates, is understandable fact a relatively recent change of political system (the Soviet Union – Russia), accompanied by many of Russia's professional events, including and "Day of Customs." May 29, 1918 released Decree of People's Commissars of the long title "On the delimitation of the rights of central and local Soviet authorities in collecting taxes and regulating the activities of local customs authorities." In this day and later became celebrated holiday (according to some – unofficial) "Day of the Soviet customs officer." December 25, 1991 in the new Russia was organized by the State Customs Committee and it is this day later became an official holiday in called "Day of Russian customs." However, this is relatively clear, the story received in 1998 an unexpected turn. Russian Union of veterans of Customs Service (established in 1996) proclaimed, already a little almost forgotten the date – 29 May as "Veteran's Day customs." Apparently veterans customs was easier to celebrate their professional holiday in more familiar to them the day May 29. Nevertheless, the existing customs officers, if there are any among your friends and relatives, should be congratulated, focusing on the official date. That is to say congratulations customs officer they should get from you is October 25. But the story with the dates do not ends. For reference, we say that there is an "International Day of Customs", which falls on Jan. 26.

After all, the profession really is international. But you can not say that it is rewarding profession. The work of the customs service, and especially the delay in the paperwork and queues of trucks at the borders between countries, often cause complaints of businessmen for whom time – money. Nevertheless, such State Customs tool as objectively necessary. For it is through the work of customs officers on interstate commerce is a slim (both economically and legally) system..