Good Education Future

Currently formal education is aimed to prepare students in theoretical and practical knowledge on disciplines already widely addressed, no doubt that these skills are very useful and should be the basis of all preparation, but then it is worthwhile to ask ourselves, how much effort is devoted to the creative side? And it is here where perhaps we have a huge disadvantage, educational programs are mostly designed to give existing answers to different problems, this become accustomed to people’s minds to be schematic and make little use of creativity, then that way we began to acquire certain limiting beliefs and this logically that has a big impact in the future. Our capabilities are incredible, just that accessing them is necessary to break traditional patterns and see the world from another perspective, a spiritual level there are huge powers that go well beyond our logical comprehension, this area is related to the right side of the brain, but It is not developed because logically it has not worked on it. To the extent that we avoid sowing limiting beliefs in people then are contributing to a future many better, countries that have made great technological strides have realized this and are beginning to exploit the potential of human resources. It is necessary to begin recording in children ideas of power, why? Because we are in fact powerful inwardly, we use phrases such as the following: clear that is possible!, everything is possible when there is desire and organized labor!, life is abundant!, this world is full of opportunities!, your mission is huge!, you’re smart!, you have enormous capacities!, etc. All these ideas will be taking a great power and will make this boy has few limiting ideas in the future and are an success. The book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar demonstrates how the use of ideas can benefit or affect our life, to the reading this book you will learn how their beliefs has structured even since before birth, then fully understood his life and will be able to modify their internal perception to experience things that if you want.