Major Improvements

If you were waiting for a renewed version of Adobe Reader, surely these next lines will be of your interest, since in about a month, it comes to light Adobe Reader X. Among the main features, we highlight the following points:-Security: Adobe Reader X will contain a powerful security system, that will prevent the infiltration of attacks. In this respect, and through a protected mode the display of PDF documents, will be something totally safe. -Interface: all basic functions of the programme, be simplified in order to make more intuitive work within Adobe Reader to users. In this sense, printing and file navigation will be completely simple. -Share documents: from Reader X, users can share documents in PDF, hosted in a location specified in Internet, in order not to saturate the disks hard or personal spaces on the net. Also, portable way to online files (PDF) can be created.

-Multimedia: Adobe Reader X output, compatibility with audio and video formats, will strengthen as well as the use of Flash. In both the display of PDF documents through browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Internet Explorer, will be improved. Finally, it should be noted that you Adobe Reader will be available for download in aproximadente a month.

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