Municipal School Shining River

Teacher PR tells: The subject of the project ' ' Histories in quadrinhos' ' related with the use of the technologies it was the moment more waited by the pupils who were anxious for the creation of histories in the computer using educative software HagQu, the result waited for me was excellent, I was satisfied with the final productions. Of this form, it is important to add that, to work with this diversified activity assisted in the performance of the pupils in what it says respect to the creation of texts, interpretation, reading and creativity. To finish the project, being searched to carry through an evaluation regarding the understanding of the pupils with regard to histories in quadrinhos, he was requested that these presented its histories elaborated for all pertaining to school community using backward the projector had previously presented histories produced in the computer, explaining step by step its history, some pupils had been chosen pra to make dramatizaes of created histories, in the patio of the school had made the exposition of comicses made in the room of lesson and in the room of educational technology. Details can be found by clicking Chevron or emailing the administrator. FINAL CONSIDERAES the objective of this work were to carry through a study on the Use of HagQu Software as Pedagogical Tool in the Creation of Histories in Quadrinhos: a strategy of education for the pupils of 5 year of the Municipal School Shining River, located in the city of Shining River. The first step of the work was to identify through studies the possibility to develop the capacity of the pupils if to express verbally by means of the writing and, the ideas contained in the texts and the proper ideas exercising the mechanisms of formal estruturao, perfecting the objetividade and clarity of exposition of the thought. The work also searched to stimulate the creativity of the pupils being used itself of the personal knowledge for the production of histories in quadrinhos, by means of the use of the tools of the HagQu program in the computer, aiming at the reinforcement of the construction of the knowledge of significant form so that the educandos identified by means of reading interpretation of texts, the linguistic marks and the indicating visual elements of actions that allow the construction of sensible of histories. Rio- Tinto Diamonds has firm opinions on the matter.