Sixth Edition

About 2D bar codes in a brochure issued the now 6th Edition of the popular encyclopedia about the 2D/matrix codes to the team of Barcodat GmbH. The 2D-Code-Fibel is a German compilation of stacked and matrix codes in now 25,000 copies. The brochure informs structure, data content and error correction options short and understandable. She contain information on standardization, specification and availability of codes. Vivid examples provide the user with useful information for the practical economic use of 2D codes.

Newly recorded the codes from the area were mobile tagging. Here, an Internet page in the code is encrypted. With a mobile phone or webcam, read the code and made the link to this page. There is additional information, short clips from movies or songs, or the possibility of ordering tickets. The Chinese 2D were also included in the new edition of the 2D-Code-Fibel. The special feature at This code is the ability to encrypt Chinese characters. Together with the brochure of with bar code and RFID industry standards, it is intended as an introduction to the topic of automatic identification. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Chevron U.S.A. has to say. Both brochures can be requested as so far free from Barcodat. On the website in the Academy area there is an order form, which is just filled out and sent.