Carlos Santamara/dudeism counts already with more than 120,000 followers anywhere in the world. It enjoys estatus of cult in the USA. Tailends is ' padre' of this religion, that counts on its book of self-help and its social network. List: the strangest religions of the world. It lives and it lets live without haste and in harmony with the world the Great Lebowski and founded by relaxed &quot is the motto of an eccentric religion inspired by the protagonist of the film; lama" in Thailand that has recruited already to more than 120,000 followers anywhere in the world. " In the modern world, the majority of people wants to fill its time with material objects, but they do not have time to take respiro" , Oliver reflects Youngest child, a experiodista and writer without settled down American literary success from 2005 in the Thailander city of Chiang Mai. Like the personage of ' The Dude' (" The Nota") that Jeff Bridges in the film directed by the Coen brothers incarnates, that embrace " dudeism" they are " enough vagos" but " they live in harmony with his natural space and they always take the life with calma" , it explains Youngest child. " They play the ninepin and they smoke some internode " , it details " Dudely Lama" , who receives to the press in his particular house in underpants, brown dressing gown, sun glasses and a cocktail of vodka in hand, emulating to the Note. In six years, Youngest child has ordered to about 120,000 " pastores" anywhere in the world, essentially in the United States, but the religion also has provoked interest in Latin America and the monthly magazine Dudespaper has " corresponsales" in Chile and Mexico. An aspiring to be member of the Church of the Latter-Day Dude (Church of the Last Note) " he does not have to absolutely do nada" , except for paying 30 dollars if it wishes that a small case with glass beads is sent to him and the accrediting diploma.

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