In Guarani

Speaking Guarani, when it comes to F, attends the resource substitution, when he utters words of Castilian origin possessing the F in its structure. In Guarani, usually, the F is replaced by the S. So: Noodle is replaced by Sideo Fiambre is substituted by Siambre 3rd) the consonant L Spanish L is an alveolar fricative sound; While, in Guarani it is also of little use, since it is not a phoneme of the Guarani. Speaking Guarani, when it comes to the L, also attends the resource substitution; so it is that, in Guarani the L is replaced by the R. So: Store is replaced by Armacen rent is replaced by Salud 4th) composed in Spanish consonants is common use of compound consonants; in other words, two consonants with one, two or three vowels in the same syllable.

For its part, in Guarani it must pronounce Castillo words with any compound consonant, faced terrible phonetic difficulties, was forced to go to the replacement and adaptation. Examples: Problem is replaced by Polema indelible is replaced by Indelible 5th) the accentuation in the Castilian predominate with accentuation plain, serious, or short words; Whereas, predominate with acute accent words in Guarani. This fact is very important because, like all cases until now described, it has a remarkable and decisive impact on the expression of the speaker. Examples: The Spanish cow, Guarani says Vaka horse of the Spanish, Guarani says Kavaju 9.2. MORPHOLOGICAL differences 1 St) noun: shape and time certain words from Guarani, as the specific case of oscillating nouns have two (tajyra / rajy) or three (tesa / resa / hesa oga / roga / hoga) forms for use, hence the denomination of nouns biformes and transformer respectively, and they have direct effect on the syntax and semantics. On the other hand, in Spanish some words have two or more forms, the same no impact on syntax or semantics, for example: iron (iron).

Mercosur Parliament

For those who are identified with the role that Latin America this manifertando in recent years towards their economic liberation and dependence on the great powers, especially in the financial apsectos, in addition to the possibilities of giving way to new commercial activities, integration that favors him, we cannot ignore that represents the serious crisis facing the world in the financialwhich is not considered their effects, in this case the Mercosur, an Alliance that we have been studying since its inception, more when Venezuela wants to dabble in it, invites us to consider that it is what is to be achieved with this Summit that began in Brazil on 15, December 16 this year 2008 Venezuela keeps its aspirations of being a very active player within MercosurHowever is known, that he still hopes that the congresses of Brazil and Paraguay approved its incorporation as a full Mercosur member, after that in December 2005 it signed a framework agreement on accession. This is one of the political points more conflicting underlying on the Mercosur agenda within a week of the Summit in San Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. Deputy Roberto Conde, Member of the Mercosur Parliament, told the AP that there is no novelty, but the issue has not progressed on a definition of the congresses of Brazil and Paraguay. At the Mercosur Summit is not expected that the issue be addressed since it will be doomed to burning trade issues and even now, in the light of the international financial crisis which introduced a new framework on the economic prospects for the subregion. In the framework agreement of 2005, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay pledged to achieve free trade with Venezuela, according to a schedule of tariff liberalization that was going from 2010 to 2013, and some exceptions to 2014. At the Summit, in addition, there may be another sticking point and is the claim from Paraguay to Brazil on the binational Itaipu Dam.