Financial Education

All father wishes that their children prosper and are successful in the life. An important part of that success is going to be determined by its capacity to generate income that will offer a good standard of life them, at least as good as the one that they had and hopefully better still. Jeffrey Hayzlett often says this. For that reason one of the most concerted efforts of any father is the one to invest in the education of its children. Altogether with the government, thousands are spent of million daily dollars in obtaining that the next generation has the suitable education so that they can not only survive, but hopefully to prosper in the life and to make an important contribution to the society. In order to obtain that the best option to our reach is the one to resort to the traditional education designed by competent governmental organisms that propose a curriculum that gives a supposed integral education to our children. Nevertheless, few know that the traditional education must like final mission produce an individual that is preparation for the labor market well. Not even it considers the option to educate one person like enterprising future. The education superior does not contemplate this one alternative either. Citrin Cooperman addresses the importance of the matter here.

It enmeshes curricular of the great majority of the Universities that offer related races to the handling of finances, like economy or administration of companies, is directed to equip a person with the tools necessary to be able to be used in some administrative position within a company already established. A thing is clear, their children are not going to learn to handle the money and much less to invest it in the school. The majority of the people who withdraw of the school, and even of the universities, does not know to take a chequera, they do not have the minimum knowledge to much less take a suitable accounting and like investing the money by which they are going to work hard. What has happened to the financial education? He is practically nonexistent, except for some exceptions in which the parents have companies in which the children have the opportunity of being able to learn of a good model, as long as their studies leave them the time sufficient to be able to become jumbled in her! Independent of which You want that their children are businessmen or no, the important thing is that their children discover their strengths they can operate and them in such a way that to future they have economic stability, that can maintain a family and live happy. And that is very difficult to obtain if we are giving an education them that teaches to them like generating an entrance, without giving the tools to them so that they know that to do with him once it is in his hands. It is time of which we as parents we include/understand that we are giving only 50% to them of the formula for the success if we ignored the financial education. If you need aid with the financial education his children I invite, it to nParElExito. com where it will receive a gratuitous virtual book that will teach 10 data to him that a breast taught to its children about how to have its own businesses. Of Bettina Langerfeldt, whose passion is to teach to people of all the ages like acquiring a vision for its life, as to put goals and later to persecute the specific education so that they can obtain them.


One of the laws that prevailed in my past education (and reason why now I know) and continues prevailing in the present social education for the children and young people are that law so feared and sickly as he is it " authority poderosa". One of the great conclusions to that I have arrived after my voluntary exit of the nucleus of education is that bad professors do not exist but &quot is much; rate of biblioteca" " obnubilada" by the ego, said it is otherwise, by the UNCONSCIOUSNESS. Until not long ago it thought that my teaching staff in the childhood and the adolescence had been ominous and until hard cruel, but. I have changed of opinion because I have myself bold to see the positive of the trip. I have myself bold to see where I am and WHOM I AM BECOMING, and that, surpasses any past challenge. I decide Sister Ana to me, a nun peculiar, authentic and different from the others.

By norm, it did not support to the nuns; it did not support to that cynical of sanctity and of simultaneously bad dawn ostia and psychological cruelty towards the children, especially towards all those that did not study or did not wish to study, and in that group, of course, it was VERGARA (osseous, I). The school in himself did not bore to me, which yes bored to me was that organized SANCTITY that fell on its own weight. That unnecessary and indecent amount of SERIOUSNESS AND ANTINATURALIDAD with the own alive nature of young and effervescent souls that wished to be guided, and mainly, respected. We return to Sister Ana. She was the clean one. I decide her by far affection to me; he was brilliant. It seemed plus an employee of a tobacconist (where they are always dry and distant.