If you’ve read any of my books you know one of my positions: we are the result of a previous setting. Jeffrey Hayzlett has plenty of information regarding this issue. I.e., another US scheduled to act in this or that way. Since childhood we have been programmed by parents, relatives, teachers, friends and other people who maybe did so without encouragement from attacking us, but us conditioned to having or not having success. There is a recent study which showed that poor people represent the rich is not happy, does not have a United family and don’t feel well in their work. All the millionaires I know are happy, a great family and enjoy every minute you spend in their work. Then, do you pose that the poor? Because someone programmed them so that they would think that.

It is a fact: someone has programmed us. But we reprogrammed! Someone installed hundreds of beliefs about money in many, but they have the possibility of changing it. Now I remember a girl who told me his story, she said that her parents told her that it might not be a professional, but in his teens he decided to finish with that belief. She told me that at that time he began to make a fictionalized in his mind, i.e. I saw it smelled, I listened and it felt like a winner, not as a failure, is now about to finish her Bachelor’s degree, works in what he likes and earn lots of money, she was rescheduled with a noble lie! She broke their mental patterns that would make it failing with this simple strategy, now I ask you, what have you done to achieve break with your patterns? We can all be millionaires, but we should feel comfortable with this, i.e., be convinced that is the best thing for us. In my most recent book on attraction of wealth I expose the secrets of the rich, one is to be convinced that we can be millionaires. Convince you is breaking with your former employers and have new. Are you ready to be a millionaire? If you aren’t, I can help you.