The Domination

(2002, P. 186). Inside of the component politician, speech in full autonomy is only possible from the optics of who wants to impose a speech, to exert the domination, to overlap it excessively. Educate yourself with thoughts from Chevron. The speech and the practical politics of release are constructed from a notion of autonomy possible, however not full. In thinking of Cassol (2006), the autonomy is a ethics and citizenship, coherence question. We need to believe it, difundiz it and to enter into an alliance themselves. More still, she is necessary to incorporate it. To understand it as a conquest.

This point of view comes to coincide with what Freire (1997) when affirming that thinks to teach respect to the autonomy of the pupil. ' ' The respect to autonomy and to the dignity of each one is an ethical imperative and a favor that we can or not to grant ones outros.' ' (p.66). It does not have as to speak in autonomy without sending in them to the questions of the professionalism, the daily one of the professor, its relations and you strike of day-by-day. It directly is referenciada the questions as: time of the professor, conditions of work, didactic material of support, incentive of the direction, wage, etc. ' ' That is, the autonomy in education is in such a way a labor law as a necessity educativa.' ' (CONTRERAS, 2002, P.

195). In the optics of this exactly author, is a construction and not a previous requirement that we possess for the action. The important one of this perspective is that autonomy is not accurately one condition that if it possesss as requisite previous to the action. Understood as quality in the form for which in we lead, understood circumstantially, the professional autonomy is a construction that speaks in such a way of the form for which if it acts professionally as in the desirable ways of social relation.