The Sun

The Sun is the arcane Tarot XIX, number that becomes one symbolizing the Divine Creator, the origin of the world. This letter condenses the qualities considered typically male, linked with action, resolution, energy and firmness. It’s a letter from extremely auspicious tarot, which predicts bright successes fulfillment in all areas of life. In March of marseillais tarot, we see a huge Sun of eight spokes, symbolizing the eight male polarities, dominating the top of the letter. This Sun symbolizes divinity, but has at the same time human face, reminding us that the generosity and wisdom, the Supreme divine attributes, have been also placed within the reach of the man who can understand them and make them his own. This Sun spilled his blessings on two small boys who hug each other with affection in front of a low wall.

The children, almost naked, radiate purity, simplicity and innocence. The wall represents Tarot past, and all the barriers that may arise to the achievement of the said in the present. In this letter, clearly, those barriers have fallen behind. This is, truly, the Arcanum of the happiest concretions. Just have to keep in mind that it has times, the most significant achievements are not where we believe.

Indeed, if this letter is displayed during the print run of tarot, and his appearance does not then match dazzling successes in the life of the consultant, the tarot may want to indicate otherwise. Perhaps, many times true happiness and true successes are based on small achievements and satisfactions of the every day, those who often are not taken into account. If this letter appears inverted, yet advertise event, but in this case the focus of your message will be placed on other side. To appear, in this position the masculine qualities of the Sun are empowered negatively. It can occur in that case that the consultant, whether man or woman, is leaving dominate by his ego, and behaving tax and overwhelming. Tarot Rider harness, the sun shines to a single blond boy mounted on a horse, uniting the fecundity of nature to the general picture of abundance and harmony that this letter describes. If it appears in Chuck tarot along with cards announcing pregnancy, Sun predicts the arrival of a male baby to the family.

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