It is TIME TO CONSTRUCT PRESPIOS LIVINGS CREATURE In month of December we festejamos Christmas, the cities they are decorated with light bulbs colored these are illuminated illuminating the houses, squares streets. Not it is running of here it stops there in this Christmas. Not it thinks that Christmas either one race. prespios of Christmas not they are only things full of light, of light bulbs. that I I want in this Christmas, it is that you it is full of light serenity in its heart In Christmas I want to see you different, being far of sadness, of the solitude and the fear. That nobody goes to sleep without asking for or giving its pardon That the children learn early, the direction of the life. That the family it celebrates the allotment I hug of it and the bread! It is time to construct prespios livings creature, therefore I ask for that you not he runs as much to store. You already it is one store, because inside of its heart of its interior they are true light bulbs; you yourselves it can to illuminate millions of faces of cities, even exactly continents. You only it needs if to love it stops to be able to love next, to pardon, to be gentile, courageous amiable with all. In this Christmas what I want it is a different prespio! prespio that I I am speaking not it can to be constructed only with light bulbs, with sand, foliages wood, but with love in heart; mainly with art to love of to pardon the next one. This is the true natalino spirit! She is not necessary to finish this prespio, therefore you it has life entire it stops construiz it it perfects it each time more!