The Present

Work day and night means you’re not nothing more than your job. Your life belongs to your employer and if you’re auto-empleado your life belongs to your employees and customers. Lets dedicate so much time to your job, find ways to take away the stress and distractions. Begins by assigning a time each day, in which you decide to disconnect from work and stick to it! Once you’ve decided that this is the time when you finish work, deja review your email or thinking at work. Do (2) find something that will absorb after work: that you like to do besides work? Do you like to read, run, do some sport, out with friends, spend time with the family? If you don’t have any passion, choose something that sounds fun, and try does not have to be something expensive, could be something as simple as do you volunteer in an institution.! This activity program as soon leave work and when you’re doing it, immerse yourself in it, don’t think at work 3) learn to think in the present.! Simply disconnect your mind’s work is not easy, but it is something that you can learn with time. The way to do it is not trying to block the work in your mind, is to learn to bring your mind back to the present activity.

Whatever it is that you’re doing, you have to focus on that. Your mind will inevitably try to distract you and again think of the job; This is normal and requires practice. Don’t get nervous, you realize the problem and kindly concentrate on the present and what you’re doing. (4) Taking breaks at work may not have much flexibility at work but if you can do it, not 8 or 10 continuous hours you work. You need to find a balance still at work. Therefore, at least once every hour get up and walk a bit.

Ocean Pacific

Perhaps one of the only cities in Mexico with four modes of transport (land, rail, air and maritime) is the city of Los Mochis. This city located in Sinaloa in the northeast of Mexico was born in the early 20th century in 1903, where an American engineer planned the construction of railways. Today Los Mochis has different routes to get there, whether by railroad for the Chihuahua-Pacific Railway (or Chepe), being one of the only cities that leads from Chihuahua to the Ocean Pacific. If you want to reach this city on a cruise also is possible, the cruise line has low Ferris, which transports from La Paz to Topolabampo (port of Los Mochis), also once a month transporting a cruise coming from San Diego. Being the most common land and air routes today, I have several lines that can bring tourists to this magical city. A city full of different things done, Los Mochis is a treasure most in our vast country. He is highly recommended to the railway route, since Besides knowing the city of Los Mochis, other landscapes and other cities can be seen. Original author and source of the article.