Before You Create A Good Blog

But, you can make money writing a blog? The answer is Yes! Clear that Yes! In fact there are many bloggers who live exclusively on their blogs. There are even that earning considerable fortunes. That Yes, most do so by writing in English, but if you write in Spanish, you can also earn money with your blog. There are some informal rules that you have in mind when you start to make your blog: links. If a source citations or copies contents of another page, you need to offer the link to the original source.

Reproduction of contents: If copies content from another site, either to disseminate them, either to make some personal comment regarding this, you should at least inform the original author. It is a courtesy at least, and also implies the possibility that the original author includes a mention about your posting. Specific citations: If quotes the opinion of a third party, uses quotes. Style: Choose a style from the beginning (formal, informal, etc.) and then observe it. Your visitors will begin to expect a certain style of writing and content and it will be easier to retain your community if its members come to identify with your style. 1.-Choose the topic.

The first piece of advice would be that you spend the blog item that more passionate about you. Even if it is a topic that is very competitive, with a lot of pages or blogs dedicated to it, if you really love you can create interesting and valuable content for your readers. In addition, sometimes the fact that there are many blogs on that subject may even be beneficial to promote your blog, as you’ll see in the next item. Another advantage is that if you are really passionate on that topic, probably there will be many more people like you, who will be your future readers.