Better Memory

How to improve memory? Our memories define who we are. Everyone has own memory of events that we have experienced. And yet we remember everyone in his way, events, facts, feelings and abilities all, some only for a short time, some for life. The brain has given several memory systems with different properties and different neural networks. It is now sure that making depends on memory contents of the synaptic plasticity (described in the last chapter), but we always still do not know how fetching is done. For even more opinions, read materials from Mining. Although we often complain about forgetfulness, our memory is quite good; It is bad only in old age or with certain diseases.

It might be nice to improve our memory, but then we would remember maybe much, we need not to notice us. It is common that people the better memory and generally better mental The work, lead better lives. You have more chances of success against people whose cognitive Fahigkeiten are not so good. You can train the brain similar to how their own muscles. You can venture even a metaphor that brain is a thinking muscle.

Psychologists confirm that in healthy people, the development potential has no end. You can develop themselves in any field or profession. The mnemonics or mnemonics summarizes methods with which one is numbers, vocabulary, facts, etc. The word comes from the Greek – mnemonics mnemon, meaning carefully. Mnemosyne was the goddess of memory and attention. Mnemonics are memory or memory AIDS that allow longer to keep information in the header. There are short sentences, puns, rhymes, or similar mnemonics, as well as also graphic drawings or brief scheme. The area of mnemonics is huge. There are seven basic principles, which play an important role in all different Mnemotechniken for many centuries. It is necessary to some points to consider: let your creativity run free. The more emotion, the better; Learning with acronyms and learning with poems; Learning with stories; Music can help you successfully learn; Name Note: this mnemonics you remember people’s names and retain in the long term.