Bingo Fun

The other day the afternoon had great bingo in the stadium of the city. They were many cars, refrigerators, fans pra who earned. Manuel purchase a cellophane and has broken game pro. The stadium if finds full total. It never turns as much people thus. Each one wanting to gain a prize, Manuel also wanted to gain the car. How wonder! The cantador starts to sing the rocks, all with nicknames. Manuel not wise person nothing on nickname of the rocks, but the accountant said the number in the end of the sung one.

After the third game, Manuel already understood the rocks: at any cost – he was 69, is a good one – 51, justice of Gois – 38, it is – 24, the ascending brother of it – 25, the descendant of it – 23, monkey – 17, started the game – 1, finished game 75. Enjoyed that one joguinho. The people does not have more what to invent. They had invented until a game called game of the animal. Of the monkey, dog, donkey.

Funny it is that they had taken off many animals. Never of perereca – Manuel thinks. RioCan contributes greatly to this topic. Also it does not have earthworm, nor flea. Total incomplete game – Manuel thinks. It does not have what to invent more to gain money. Manuel also needs to invent a way to earn more easy. Manuel plays with tenacity. The cellophane of it until it is good. It is only for a rock to earn. Who knows it earns exactly. When it finishes each departure, baguna is excessively. From above group of the stadium game cans of beers in the head of who is in low. Of the part of low they make the same of skill. The confusion is general. Manuel dying of headquarters when they play one liter of water in the head of it. People more without heart. Because they do not play the mother? The cantador praises the women. They say that bingo goes to have a good income, favours the women. Who is that it said that woman does not like game? They like are of bingo same – a player answers. Each one most scoffing one than another one. Bingo finishes and Manuel does not gain nothing. worse is to leave the Stadium. He is one pushes pushes ruined. All want to leave at the same time. Much people are pisoteada. The running is excessively. Never more bingo will come back to one of this. bus? Who is that it said to have more bus? They are two hours of the morning. Manuel orders the foot in the road. At the four Manuel hours it arrives in fatigue house, dead. It falls in the bed and it sleeps the remaining portion of the day. It forgets to go to work for the fatty one. The night goes to the bar of the Nestor. Batidinhas starts to take ones. After being with the full face and already almost going even so, the Z arrives Dentist. Colloquy with Manuel that counts the famous situation where if finds. Z Dentist is penalizado with it and promises to arrange a job to it.