Boris Krieger

Spiritual food offered by the philosopher and writer, so readers useless even to take over and try to eat – they do not saturate it. Indeed, in this spiritual subsistence absolutely no blood of any " and even dirt on which you want to immediately close the book and thoroughly wash. But for the thinking reader, for those who used at least minimally to analyze themselves, their actions, their lives, the events and phenomena in the world, the book by Boris Krieger discover a wonderful, bright, kind world – a world in which you want to live, a world that wants to build, create, to which we must strive, even if this world – in somewhat utopian. I got the impression that Krieger – a person who has learned to live in harmony with the environment. I suspect that this helped him to his own natural contemplation and contemplation of nature.

One of the first and most important impressions of the writer's work: all of his books are very positive energy. In the world of his books go, how to place a cottage in which he lives friendly and hospitable host. Here, all on its own places. The soft light creates a comfortable environment. The living room fireplace is burning. On the walls – paintings by famous masters The owner has prepared a number of fun surprises for the guests, games, jokes, jokes, funny stories – all in order to Relax, get comfortable A master of the intelligent, elegant conversation, and will throw another puzzle, puzzles for joint discussion and decision