Hence it will be determined by those who feel a sense of methodical streak – the Methodists, the developers of the programs. There will be those who there is a desire and ability to work more in the group, called facilitators. I think that would be a separate group of creators and designers of handouts. Talked about this and Russian experts, and I myself watch here top such a motion. An example is the training of trainers on a particular topic. Such a company as Consulting group offers a program for coaches, "How to conduct training on technologies for sales." A number of companies such as BusinesSystem example, create and pass into the ownership of companies created under their training, teaching skills of its corporate trainers. There were also cases when the personnel manager and development manager and staff training themselves create training, script writing training events and external trainers were invited to the role of facilitator. By the way, here it is worth mentioning about another emerging trends – blurring the line between the concept of "external" "Internal", "free", "hired" coach.

I know many coaches who are being "domestic" work and "the outside". There are "free" coaches that long-term work with training companies or operate at 2-3-year project in the company of a real business. Observed enrichment of the profession by people coming from not just the usual areas. If the coaching is still coming out of the business or psychology, but now – of Theatre. So have become popular, particularly among the coaches, the program "Acting", "Speech Technology", "The development of creativity" of actors and theater directors.