Calories Of Foods

The majority of us we look to diets of emagrecimento and foods of low calorie. A food list is followed of low calorie you to choose. Nowadays, foods with low calorie the people are the word of order for all who suffer from obesidade. Everybody is anxious to start emagrecimento diets. All we know that a diet of low calorie will go to guarantee the fast loss of weight. Then, which are the foods of low calorie? List of calories of foods below: What they are Calorias? It is a comumente accepted fact that the foods of low calorie help to reduce weight. Jeffrey Hayzlett can provide more clarity in the matter. But why it is thus? We go first to understand what it means calories.

In the common language, one calorie is a measure of the amount of present energy in a food. This calorific energy is set free for some foods, fills our daily activities. The problem is when the calories that we ingest are more than what our daily activities demand what makes our bodies to be full. Our body does not waste the fuel, instead of this, it it stores the extra calories converting foods into fat. Therefore, in order to burn the fat storage, we need to revert the process. We need to consume calories in lesser amount of what we need to supply our daily processes, and to force the body to use the storage of available fat as power plant of the body, and to reduce the consumption of calories, we have of concentrating in them in foods of low calorie. Now we go to understand what it is the content of calories in some essential components in foods.

1 g of fat contains 9 calories. 1 g of protein and 1 g of carboidratos contains 4 calories. 1 fiber GM contains 0 calories. The common sense will say to it that when you are trying to abate its ingestion of calories, the fats must be prevented. Plain Un of emagrecimento must optimize the carboidratos and proteins. Then, again, he is better to consume little simple carboidratos, therefore the body processes them easily, therefore, you will go to feel hunger again. Thus, the emagrecimento diet will contain more complex proteins, staple fibres and carboidratos and much or no simple fats or carboidratos. On the basis of this hypothesis, a food list of low calorie is given to follow and you will be able to develop its programs of loss of weight. Food list of low calorie Uses foods in this list of low calories of foods for its program of loss of weight. Calories for 100g of foods Apple 36 cooked Beans 25 cooked Pasta 95 Potatoes cozidas 70 30 Broccolis Borecole of Brussels 30 Fish 110Suco of lemon 61 70 Lentils Cheese low text of fat 80 Mingau Oats 55 nourishing Masses, cozidas 110 Pasta, stew 105 Rice (white) 140 Rice (brown) 135 Spaghetti (cooked) 101 Tofu 73 This was a food list of low calorie. These foods will certainly go to reduce its daily consumption of calories. It always tries to include them in its diet to reduce the consumption of calories and, thus, to increase the loss of weight.