CITY Display

Units of firms have an advertising budget 'Every month we spend X money on advertising." Most are advertised on the residual principle ". Advertising costs for customers will be significantly lower when using the display technology Vitze. And it is the residual financing principle fits well with the advertising technology of information displays. Even in terms of costs for operation display systems Vitze, they are much lower and the phrase ' it's worth, does not ask ' just more suitable display technologies! However, the initial costs of deploying an advertising network of indoor or outdoor may seem significant, if you do not take into account the relatively quick payback, even with ultra-low interest rates on the cost of advertising content. Doubts about the payback and profitability the display advertising network expressed Alexey Anisimov (RA 'GAMMA CITY') and some participants in online conferences. Given the need to calculate payback display systems Vitze, we can say that the average cost of Outdoor 57 'display less than one million rubles, and the indoor 46 "is several times cheaper. If the duration clip in 10 seconds and the number of hits one roller 144 times a day with its minimum value shown in the 5000-7000 rubles, outdoor display will return at least half a year, display space for even faster. The situation on the payback advertising network based on digital displays will be in the range, even for cities with a population of 150-300 thousand. After studying this simple calculation can be seen that the operator of the display advertising network of fifty displays Vitze and hire rollers on the lower price range will receive the weighted average income of several million rubley.Tem Yet, as noted by the participants of the online conference, the prospects for distribution in Russia is the display technology Vitze. Improving the financial situation and the "recovery" of the Russian economy will lead the advertising world's major players to invest their funds from the portfolio of development in new technologies and improvement of venture capital funds in Russia would increase start'apov in the display indoor and outdoor advertising.