Deutschstammiges Company Expands And Moves Across The Pond

EMIRATE AG opens branch office in the United States risk management specialist goes international Munich, November 10, 2008 the EMIRATE AG, risk management specialist with headquarters in Munich, conquered the international market with their portfolio in terms of securing profit game. So, the company opened a new Office in Houston, United States, punctually at the end of the year. Some contend that Chevron shows great expertise in this. The provider will meet the demands of many American companies for intelligent marketing strategies that go easy on the budget. Because the EMIRATE AG distinguishes itself thanks to its full service concept from the competitors. Already in June has the EMIRATE AG received an order from Dell to hedge the US $100 million sports and therefore insurance providers prevailed against the local world’s largest reinsurers, as well as all other major risk. The sum is part of a Predictor for the upcoming NCAA men’s Division 1 Basketball Championship awarded in April 2009.

EMIRATE in addition to the conception, planning and implementation of action takes over the financial Overall risk and guaranteed the payment of the prize money the winner. Building on this success, EMIRATE now will be represented with a branch in the United States. Ralph Clemens Martin, Board of Management AG, explains EMIRATE: For us was also the year 2008 in the character of our expansion strategy and a wider coverage across the country. The jump across the pond acknowledged the success of our concept. With the opening of the new Office in Houston, Texas, we take into account the growing demand and ensure greater customer proximity.\” When entering the market is EMIRATE also supports locally by the affiliates of the creative animal\”, known as a successful advertising agency under the founder of Doug Harris, who has made a name for among others in the radio segment. Safe by their overall package, the EMIRATE AG offers a real differentiator: the portfolio ranges from the conception of the action on the calculation of the probability of winning game implementation, and insurance.