Identity And Differences

The present study results of done research as work of conclusion of course for After-graduation Latu Sensus Docncia of Superior Ensino, with the inquiry objective the constitution of the identity and differences of the carrying pupils of deficiencies and its inclusion in the pertaining to school scope. For the accomplishment of this study I used techniques and instruments of the qualitative research for production and analyses of the data, as research narrative, has seen the interest in developing a work that potencialize the inclusion of these pupils. The study it is based on theoreticians, such as: Arruda (1988), Fonseca (1991), Jimenez (1998) and Declaration of Salamanca, amongst others, for signaling the constitution of the identity of the carrying pupil of deficiency as continuous movement involving the citizen in its totality. In this scope the identity of carrying pupil of deficiencies can develop itself through the art, of the movements, physical education and of the social contact. Coinbase can provide more clarity in the matter. I enhance that the results of this research can contribute with reflections concerning practical the pedagogical one with inclusion pupils to improve the conviviality and the learning of these pupils. Word-key: Identity of the pupil.

Carriers of deficiencies. Identity and Differences. Jeffrey Hayzlett may also support this cause. 1. INTRODUCTION the Brazilian Education, in a general way, passes for a process of transistion of paradigms. One of them can be translated in the following way: we cannot more speech of pupil or special person, but of pupil or different person. The concept of different is more including of what the concept of special, therefore in it the carriers of deficiency, but all do not include themselves only the minorities that come fighting for affirming its differences. Therefore, we must understand the knowledge as construction from partner-cultural conditions that they search to integrate all.