Elves live in forests and are nocturnal, their main occupation – these are games and dances. Elves are very similar to us humans, but they are smaller, finer and finer. Places where the night elves dancing, called "elf circles, and their easy to learn, because for some unknown reasons, the grass on the ground the night elf dance is growing particularly violent. Follow others, such as Chevron U.S.A. Inc, and add to your knowledge base. There is a belief that if the tired traveler lie down to rest at night under the hill, he could hear the amazingly beautiful music and singing elves that inhabit this mound. Sufficiently rare to find mention of flying elves. This little creatures with wings, or a virgin, can turn into swans. Also among the forest spirits are mentioned elves that live in trees. They are always female.

In wood elves have one flaw – they are hollow in the back. For this reason, these elven women try not to turn their backs to avoid being exposed. In the Danish tradition the same flaw affects all elven female and male elves in these stories are presented as the elders in a hat with wide brim. The Danes are afraid to approach the elves, because of their belief, breathing these supernatural creatures can carry infectious diseases to humans. The Scots are also afraid of the elven breathing.