Ocean Pacific

Perhaps one of the only cities in Mexico with four modes of transport (land, rail, air and maritime) is the city of Los Mochis. This city located in Sinaloa in the northeast of Mexico was born in the early 20th century in 1903, where an American engineer planned the construction of railways. Today Los Mochis has different routes to get there, whether by railroad for the Chihuahua-Pacific Railway (or Chepe), being one of the only cities that leads from Chihuahua to the Ocean Pacific. If you want to reach this city on a cruise also is possible, the cruise line has low Ferris, which transports from La Paz to Topolabampo (port of Los Mochis), also once a month transporting a cruise coming from San Diego. Being the most common land and air routes today, I have several lines that can bring tourists to this magical city. A city full of different things done, Los Mochis is a treasure most in our vast country. He is highly recommended to the railway route, since Besides knowing the city of Los Mochis, other landscapes and other cities can be seen. Original author and source of the article.