Philipp Breier

Until a few years ago it would have been inconceivable his to stay current and its needs “free” on the Internet. The goal must be more and more to improve communication, but not on quality to lose but to maintain these or even improve. The next steps must be therefore more global networking and the free access to the Internet. Brian Armstrong oftentimes addresses this issue. Influence of developments in social structures and values are continuously discovered humanity with more knowledge to provide new ways and means. Through the digitization of books, documents, or collection of knowledge like Wikipedia it is as well as everywhere in the world to look up possible specific content or to acquire knowledge. The difficulty is to distinguish the qualitative high-quality content primarily from the rest. Everywhere where knowledge is “accessible” and expandable, I must also with misinformation count.

There is therefore no guarantee on the completeness. Although gatekeeper such as: newspapers make sure we never all the information obtained, we need this itself, again and specially tailored for our use that filter. All this knowledge to be able to take advantage, we have to admit this but also. Provide you, by globalisation, created new markets in India, Russia, etc. can Europe in the near future with knowledge, trained professionals and innovative ideas. If we create a way to take advantage of this new information and also for schools, colleges, etc. effectively and target filed can prepare this could positively impact us in our developments, provided that basic principles such as freedom of expression and unrestricted access to the knowledge. The Internet provides an ideal platform for information preservation, knowledge processing and communication if it is freely accessible for everyone.

Finally, I think that the communication and the technological progress despite some setbacks (Facebook) are basically on the right track. The world’s knowledge is constantly expanding and it is nearly impossible to lose information. The communication is and remains a constant companion in our daily lives and is, in any form whatever, impossible to imagine. If we also still learning with the US given knowledge useful bypass are the possibilities virtually unlimited ing. Philipp Breier