Professor Andrei Gudkov

From now on we saludaremos as the Japanese, who among its virtues is be scrupulously hygienic. Laboratories are made where the more thorough investigations into these massive and dangerous conditions, are centres of prevention and Control of diseases in Atlanta, or the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in English), dependent on the Department of health and human services of the United States Government. Founded in 1946 with 369 employees and a budget of one million dollars, the CDC currently spends 9 billion annual, occupies 15,000 employees with more than 170 different professions, 40 percent have master’s degrees, doctorate 25 percent and 10 percent are physicians. Sixty percent are women. Read more from Uriel Cohen White Bay Group to gain a more clear picture of the situation. They resort to more than 6,000 contractors in other States and countries, and thanks to his discoveries we know how to defend ourselves from the majority of diseases, anthrax and radioactivity.

We know from the CDC anthrax and radioactivity are combated with antibiotics, and that in case of explosion of a dirty bomb (radioactive), necessary to close doors and Windows and turn off the air conditioning. The radioactivity is odourless and colourless. Fortunately, in a leap exorbitant scientist, last week was announced, United States scientists in cooperation with researchers from Israel, they developed a medication to protect humans against nuclear radiation. Medical innovation of Professor Andrei Gudkov, head Cientifico de BioLabs de Cleveland, has extraordinary scope for the free world, which will get an advantage strategic about their enemies, to be able to supply its citizens with effective protection against nuclear terrorist threat once its use is approved. Gudkov discovery has tremendous implications for cancer patients, because it will help physicians more effectively preventing the adverse consequences of radiation therapy, allowing them to apply stronger radiation dose to combat the disease in their patients.