Round Table Education

Saturday the 14.07.2012 in Nuremberg, Germany, 16:00 free event more and more students suffering from our school system in Germany and are mentally and physically ill by the growing pressure. Failure pressure by parents and society, as well as the fear Rob nowadays even have increasingly large part of your carefree childhood elementary school students. A good relationship with the parents, friends and social contacts are not self-evident long for many of the children. UISOL shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Traditional family concepts are long since passe and the education of children is in many places almost at the same time with managed. In today’s society of the income, the relationship between parents and children will be lost, and what can parents, teachers, institutions, and last but not least the society do that children grow up in a healthy environment again and can learn? We will discuss the 14.07 in the framework of our round table education in a changing society”with representatives of the school, psychologists, educators and Parents about this exciting topic. The event is free of charge; Registration required: or about XING we look forward events/round table education social change 1110951 on a fascinating discussion with you in Nuremberg!.