On the other hand development of agriculture is another area that also will be affected in Chile. In Peru, the Andean mountains are lost at least 22% of their surface glacier from 1970 and defrosting is accelerating itself, according to the National Institute of Recursos Naturales (INRENA). The effects of defrosting are visible. Rocks of brown color are observed in majestic summits covered with snow. Compared photos of different times show how they have been fallen back glaciers of the hills of mountains. Those that I have seen close by summits of the snow-covered call of Ticlio, where before one saw hills covered with snowed today does not paint absolutely anything of target.

Equal is happening slowly with the famous Pastoruri, north of this country. In Colombia, the temperature is in increase on behalf of the climatic change. In the next decade some regions could increase their temperature enters two four degrees Celsius, notice the environmentalists. This means that a city as Bogota could reach a temperature of warm climate. At the moment, Colombia already is victim of the global heating, thousands of hectares have been devastated by wild fires in 361 municipalities, more than 40 thousand hectares of cultures of rice, maize, sorghum grass and flowers has been devastated by the heat. the cultures are being jodiendo because lacking water, is being burned, gets to fall an equal hard heavy shower burn by the same heat, are words of the farmer of the savannah of Bogota affected by the climatic change. A report of the Defensora of the Town notices that in Colombia it has near 15 million people who live in high risk of water shortage and more than 20 million Colombians to future they would have problems of supplying of the liquid. Mexico has a commitment to reduce its production of emissions in a 30 percent from now until year 2020.