Yin Water

Silence is a great source of strength. The pond in the Valley. Can you learn to be open and receptive, silent and without desire or need to do something?Being open and receptive is called Yin, the feminine or the Valley.Imagine that there is a pond in the Valley. When there are no fears or desires that shallowness its surface, the water forms a perfect mirror. In this mirror you can see the image of Tao.

You can see God and you can see the creation. Enters the Valley, stand still, and look at the pond. Enter as many times as you want. Your silence will grow. The pond will never dry.The vale, pond and Tao are within you.

Generosity the true interest of itself teaches generosity heaven and Earth remain because they are not only selfish but that there are for all of creation. Knowing, the wise leader keeps at Bay to egocentrism and the Act thus becomes more effective. The lucid leadership is service, not selfishness. The leader grows more and more remains to put the well-being of all above own well-being. Paradox: being generous, the leader extols his being. Water. The wise leader is like water. Considers water: water cleans and refreshes all creatures without distinction and without trial; water, freely and without fear, delves beneath the surface of things; the water is fluid and sensitive; the water continues to act freely. Considered the leader: leader works in any situation without complaining, with any person or topic that is presented; the leader acts so that all benefit and serves well without taking care of the salary; the leader speaks simply and honestly and intervenes to shed light and create harmony. Look at the movement of water, the leader learns that, in action, the propitious moment is everything. Like water, the leader is subjected. because the leader is not pushed, the group does not suffer or resists. A good group. A good group is better than a spectacular group. When the leaders become superstars, the master off his teaching. There are very few superstars who has his feet on the ground. Fame begets fame, and slowly, superstars are themselves drawn by itself. Then they descentran and are destroyed. The wise leader is installed to work well and then let the others occupy the site. The leader does not wrest successes because it doesn’t need fame. A moderate ego demonstrates wisdom. Blanco Eduardo original author and source of the article