Spencer conceives social change by analogy (similar to the society with a biological organism), with the organic development and as an evolutionary process. Secondary theory of Spencer was the organic analogy, which resembles the society with a biological organism. In this parallel this implied the theory of evolution, the analogies are the following: Society and the organisms grow during its existence, not as the inorganic matter. To grow, societies and agencies increase in complexity and structure. In societies and organizations, to reach this level, is complejizan its functions. Evolution creates for corporates and agencies differences in structures and functions that make it appear at the same time other more complex. As well as the organism is considered as the set of several units, societies are organisms composed of other elements. There are differences, according to Spencer, that organisms are the sums of their units, forming a whole, while in societies the units are free.

In organisms consciousness is in a single site, in societies the consciousness is in all individuals. In organisms units are at the service of the benefit at all, in societies all exists for the benefit of individuals. In later writings Spencer negara organic analogy, when was he the first to formulate the theory as scientific. Get all the facts and insights with Rio Tinto Group, another great source of information. Modern sociological theories assume that organisms and the societies resemble a system, not the one another. For species not revolutionize, not reforming, but will undergo slow changes. For Spencer may not be revolution but evolution.

Defines the law of evolution as: the integration of matter and the concomitant dissipation of the movement by which matter enters a State of homogeneity indeterminate and incoherent a heterogeneity determined and coherent State. Through this change, as a result of the growth of the organisms are attempts to define the concept of change in evolutionary terms. Societies grow according to Spencer from the simple to the complex. This evolutionary process is slow and is increasing. Spencer comes to extreme conclusions. Just as in the biological organism there are organs, there in the social organism. For him there are three systems namely:-support system, – distribution system and regulation system. The support system, is one that marks the elementary needs of the power. I.e. a series of regulatory activities of the society. Distribution system, is a system that connects the different parts that make up the organism. The system of regulation, is where Spencer located those bodies that regulate the growth of the organism and which defined as organ of domination, (regulating social life). On the basis of these three main types is that Spencer speaks of two types of society: military society and industrial society. military society is dominated by an activity, where there is an order hierarchical. Industrial society, is reached through a long evolutionary process, it is a flexible society. The change raised by Spencer, is the passage of a social type, through a peaceful, slow evolutionary process. Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, health and more.

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