The Iniquity

God always separates of the evil those that are merciful stop with Its people. In versicles of 7 the 9 we see that Saul did not make what God had commanded to it: it killed the people of Amaleque, but it pardoned the King of US, Agague. Moreover, it caught sheep and other good things that it had for there and that they were of them, it only destroyed what was vile and worthless and God the Saul had not spoken to nothing of this. Saul violated the law against God (account made things for its and risk), that it had said clearly so that it killed all the amalequitas, destroyed everything absolutely what it of them and that did not pardon them. Saul twisted the words and it did not make what God had spoken to it. We see in versicle 10 that God orders Samuel to reprehend the Saul for having done all different one of what God had asked for to it! God if repented to place Saul as king because it did not follow nothing of what he had been guided to make and did not execute the Word of God. Saul, instead of making what God had said to it, lay, and was giving excuses and, still superficially, it did not recognize that it had made everything it are of what God it commands who made. ' ' here it is that obeying he is better of what sacrificing and taking care of better of what the fat of carneiros' ' 1 Samuel 15:22 b ' ' The rebellion is as the witchcraft sin and porfiar is as the iniquity and idolatria' ' 1 Samuel 15:23 Rebellion means, in this context, not to obey what God orders in them to make to porfiar represents to argue with God what It orders in them to make.