The Sole

Of course, that’s a joke, because also your charms not disappeared. Later came the great internal solitude knowing you as a couple and at the same time more isolated than ever, and your words and phrases always They rumbled in my head, but above all in the bowels in the soul. These bereaved wounds are not visible. Nobody understands them. It is never possible to describe the feeling of agonizing despair. How to who you love, is able to keep you in a destructive level, living without soul is like being dead in life. It’s more my eyes have not returned to shine since then.

There they say the eyes are the expression of the soul. Mine no longer have the spark of love, of respect, of worth. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from The Hayzlett Group. Your words hurt me but I can’t even tell you. Your refusal to listen to me, makes me conflicting, exaggerated and problematic. Nobody understands me.

I can’t find where to go with so much grief. Finally the emotional abandonment. You’re gone forever but now yes, you’ve gone forever in my life, my heart and my appreciation. Because although I follow loving deeply, I can’t afford a day more than it desverguenza, humiliation and punishment. And I, even though my soul is gone, is best to go after her. The only valid words are you say to yourself. This process I have described to you is a reflection of a lot of couples, is in direct relationship relationships full of pain and desolation. In couples living the most narcissistic and selfish love. In situations of suffocating love, but also that they relate a misogynistic affective link type. Perhaps my words will resonate and quietness you can’t read them, but to always heal there is a way, and we have to assume our responsibility in the matter of our lives. I invite you to come to my site also if you subscribe to the newsletter you give away, the e-book: the ten commandments of the life partner. The sole responsibility in this life, is making us more pleasant our world and live this existence that have better pick.