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As the Commissioner said in Radio City Music Hall last month, we hear you. So if we can start free agency yet, let at least talk about it. For Wednesday Instant discussion, we asked our panel of experts to discuss the top freeagent signings of the past decade. The consensus choice Well, let just say I wanted to be a Dolphin, but ended up somewhere else.Of course, if you want to talk about the best freeagent signing of all time, you have to look at a Hall of Fame who helped lead his new team to an NFL title that ended a 29year drought.

Jason La Canfora has that story.Wee up to no. 18 on the countdown of the Top 20 games of 2010, and this one was a doozie. Houston in Week 2 comefrombehind win over the Redskins, Matt Schaub and Donovan McNabb combined for an uncanny 923 yards passing. Web relive the magic here.It time to look at the Jacksonville Jaguars on the 2 Teams in 32 Dayssegment of FL Total Accesson NFL Network tonight.Isabel Marant Shoes And to help us out, wel Han tight end Marcedes Lewis in studio.While Dhani Jones ackles the globein his Travel Channel series, tackled Dhani in to recent Ccampa, in which the Bengals linebacker discusses his love of bow ties and much more.Wednesday Data Points chart looks completely out of whack, but there a reason for that. It details the upanddown records of the four NFC South teams in the past four years. The trend There is no trend.As for chat, wee today got Jason La Canfora lined up to answer your questions. Get in the game here.The Canfora has plenty to talk about. In addition to the freeagency story we referenced at the top of the blog, the Canfora wrote a couple of other interesting pieces this week have speculated which might be good destinations for Chad Ochocinco teams this season, and he wrote about how the lockout actually might be good for Plaxico Burress.Finally soontobefree, while we join the sports world in mourning the passing of baseball Hall of Fame Harmon Killebrew, we took it as an opportunity n the draft with minimal risk.It8217s rare to see interior linemen drafted early, but Mayock believes Florida GC Mike Pounceycould go as high as no.