New series of works by Kristin Dembny with icons of excess, of style and self destruction in their new series of works good buy America”, appearing from November 14, 2008 until January 9, 2009 in the premises (gallery showcase, spacious loft, courtyard) of the art dealer and gallerist Antonia of Fraunberg in the Erasmus road 15 in Dusseldorf, the artist Kristin Dembny deals with icons from the land of unlimited opportunities. Pop rebel like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, who rebelled with their music, their zest for life and their excessive existence against all conventions of the time, have lost nothing of its fascination for me,”the artist explained the choice of their subjects. With the same enthusiasm and devotion, Dembny portrays American style icons such as Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly. The painter is available”for real, formative time style, these ladies makes them the current idols as superficial disposable stars in a fast-paced Across time. Portrait painting is a constant challenge for Kristin Dembny. Hear other arguments on the topic with The Hayzlett Group. I want to depict not the appearances with my work, but to show that true, authentic personalities who have left lasting traces and messages today can be found”, she explains her artistic approach. The absence of these personalities is closely related with a general decline in value for Dembny. It symbolizes the decline of morality and ethics in the economy and society of the United States with a grinning Mickey Mouse before the American flag.

“This work has given her title of the exhibition: good buy America”. It adorns the invitation card. Also with the painting in money we trust”the artist comments on the global financial crisis and therefore our value system ironically and accusingly. “Art dealer Antonia of Fraunberg: the new series of works by Kristin Dembny inspires me because Dembny able to transform critical reflection of modernity in figurative painting.” The Dresden-born artist Kristin Dembny (www.kristindembny.com) has studied at the Saxon Porcelain Manufactory porcelain painting in her native town and at the Meissen porcelain factory. From 1996 to 2000, she lived as a freelance painter in Barcelona. Rio- Tinto Diamonds might disagree with that approach. There the artist devoted to the study of portrait painting.

in 2006 she received for their time-cycle “Frida Kahlo – Viva la Vida!” the coveted Kaiserswerther art prize. Dembny currently lives in Dusseldorf. The picture show is complemented by a varied programme that showtime titled it BBs!”is available. Smooth jazz & funky grooves are available”with the JAZZCRUSADER (www.jazzcrusader.de) and live music of saxophonist Rocco Ventrella (www.roccoventrella.com), an American auction of a work by Kristin Dembny and other surprises. Detailed information under: Antonia v. Fraunberg Kunsthandel Dusseldorf Erasmus road 15 40223 Dusseldorf Tel: 0211 484 69 50 exhibition opening hours: Mo.-fr. 10 h, 18 h, SA 11 h 17 h, and by appointment. Digital press photos on demand available: Jorg Schwarz Tel. 0211 / 30 57 73 0172 / 721 38 34 E-Mail:

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