Account Number

For these addresses, you can having come into the office with cash, put them on your internet wallet, as well as cash and money in your wallet. Chevron U.S.A. Inc: the source for more info. To do this with you should have your identity document (the one you used for registration of Internet wallet) and simply enter your account number. 2) Take the first number of a purse from list below and send it to 30 rubles. By writing the number in the field / Account Number / (in the field / The name of the recipient and / / E-mail recipient / insert nothing else) in the field Contract / payment purpose: write – 'Please enter me in the list of Yandex purse. " All you did – it created the service, and most important – absolutely legally. You are asking a legitimate service for which you pay for. Further, since second, by analogy to send 30 rubles. for the next 5 purse (do not forget to enter in the contract / purpose of payment /: 'Please enter me in the list of Yandex purse').

BOT account number: 1) 41001232253796 2) 41001114989617 3) 41001115308083 4) 41001125063580 5) 41001143686515 6) 41001114972945 repeat To get income, you must send to each of the 6 purses for 30 rubles. – Otherwise the network moderators Yandex purse you just will not be included in the system and not be able to cash income. Now ATTENTION! STEP 3) After you have completed Step 2, copy to your computer all this text from beginning to end.

Major Scales

Here you will find an overview and explanation of all relevant modes. In music theory, there are seven essential modes. The various modes arise that you scale plays an ordinary major, but does set the starting point at different notes. The Dorian mode, for example, begintt on the second stage of the major scale. Based on the c major scale is a starting point of the Dorian mode on D and continues upwards. The same applies to the Phrygian mode, which starts on the third stage of the major scale. The starting point would be based on c major so the note E. modes are important, if you constructed melodies.

If you created a melody consisting of in a particular mode, it creates a different atmosphere without having to leave the range of the traditional major key. It begins just in different places. Called modal melodies melodies based on specific modes. Here an explanation of the various modes: Ionic as a musician to play the Ionian mode all the time, without it deliberately warzunehmen. The reason is that the Ionian mode on the first note of the scale begins and thus represents a normal scale. Dorian, the Dorian mode begins as above mentioned on the 2nd Stuge of a major scale. This mode sounds almost like a natural minor scale, only the sixth is increased.

The Simon & Garfunkel song “Scarborough Fair” is a pretty good indication as the Dorian mode to sound. Phrygian, the Phrygian mode begins on the third stage of the major scale. As even the Dorian mode, this mode of a natural minor scale sounds very similar, only the second is lower this time. Lydian, the Lydian mode starts on the fourth tier of one of every major scale. This mode represents a natural major scale with the difference that the fourth is increased. Mixolydian of the Mixolydian mode begins on the fifth level of the major scale. As even the Lydian mode, this sounds like a major scale, but with a diminished seventh. Aeolian the Aeolian mode begins on the sixth level of the major scale contains exactly the notes of a natural minor scale. You can remember so that a major scale played from the sixth level resembles a minor scale. The Lokrische mode locrian begins scale on the seventh stage of one of each major. This mode is the probably most schragsten sounding for our ears. Formerly existed the Lokrische mode only in theory, but today use it forms some jazz and branches of modern music composition. Who deal with music composition at the home computer be sheep-want this offer should be a PCI sound card set, since commonly the best sound quality.