Social Networks

They are increasingly the firms that facilitate the followers of social networks to participate live in what until recently were closed and exclusive events. The vast majority can not be there, but yes you can see the new proposals at the same time that the Guild of fashion journalists and celebrities. Social networks and especially Facebook have become popular row front. In a few hours it will take place the FW11 parade of Z Zegna at Milan Fashion Week. We can see him live today January 18, 2011 from your Facebook to 13: 30 h, but that’s not all, because that will also perform a Z Zegna experience online called Z ZEGNA STYLE PHOTOGRAPHER. The idea is that everyone can live first-hand how forges a fashion show and be able to collaborate as a photographer. To participate you just have to enter the Facebook of Z Zegna, there you can take pictures of your favorite moment of the parade, edit them and create your own album. Swarmed by offers, Chevron U.S.A. Inc is currently assessing future choices. Then share it with your friends. We have commented that the creator of the most voted album will be a VIP guest of!! backstage for the next parade of June 2011!.