Colchagua Valley

Considered one of the most important wine regions in Chile, and located just 2 hours from Santiago, Colchagua Valley represents a must see destination for all wine enthusiasts and lovers. This is a place full of history, breathtaking natural views and home of exquisite and world-class wines. Named 2005 Best Wine Regions Worlds by Wine Enthusiast magazine, Colchagua Valley is perhaps best known for producing excellent and unique red wines, a quality that at this point is almost a trademark of this region in Chile, with its beautiful hills, or snouts as they are also called. Warm, dry and with different microclimates, the valley gets its name from a variation of the indigenous Mapuche word Colchaguala, which means place where the sacred Huala bird nests. This culture, along with other indigenous populations of Chile plays a big role in some of the wineries that seek inspiration for wine names. With tours coming out of Santiago almost daily, this gifted land for wine production offers visitors exclusive and interesting activities to do. Some of this include visiting museums, local and painteresque towns, wineries, and of course, a taste of the fabulous wines.

The region produces red and white wines that are mostly young in age (2 years) Most of the production is via water drop irrigation, a process that according to experts gives the wine a sweet flavor with strong tannins. The exports are to multiple and diverse countries around the globle, but the demand tend to go to England, the United States, Denmark and Brazil. The multiple tours offered in Santiago allow the visitors to see the various machines that clean the grapes before going to the numerous production steps and barrels. Also, some of the wine companies have special rooms where you can taste different wines accompanied with cheeses, hams and salamis, a process called pairing (the union, or harmony between two foods or flavors that complement each other). With a wide arrange of wine grapes like the Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Carmenere rediscovered the originally from france and thought to be lost-, this blessed land offers an exceptional experience filled with adventure and exquisite tasting sensations.